Geo-spatial data science in Python

When? 1 Nov 2018, 14:30 to 17:15
Where? Classroom 511

Do you want to learn how to manipulate geographic data with a widespread, constantly evolving statistical programming language? In this workshop, you will learn to use basic geospatial tools for vector and raster data with python.

Specifically, we will focus on loading, displaying, and manipulating spatial data with python. This includes a full tutorial, time to practice, and a closing session on finding spatial data sources.

Prerequisite: Knowledge from workshop “Introduction to Python” or equivalent

Costs: McGill students: free of charge, McGill other: $ 50, external: $ 100 (priority given to McGill community)

The workshop will take about 2 hours with a 15 minutes break. The instructor is Jeffery Sauer.

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