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Our public computer area is equipped with 40 workstations running Windows 10 on SSDs powered by Intel i7 CPUs, 16 GB RAM and 1 GB GPU. When no courses are scheduled you can also work on additional 38 workstations in our e-classroom 511. In case, the workstations still cannot deal with the amount of your data or complex analysis talk to our GIC team and you can get access to our GeoAnalytics Lab workstations running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 onĀ  SSDs powered by Intel i7/i9 CPUs, up to 64 GB RAM and 2 GB GPU.

Here is the list of software installed on all of our workstations:


Software (winter 2020) Version Note
7-zip 19
Adobe Acrobat Pro 9
ArcGIS 10.7
Chrome latest
CMAP tools 6
Community Analysis Package (CAP) 2
EndNote X9
ENVI 5.5.2
Filezilla FTP Client 3
Firefox latest
GeoDa 1.14
Gimp 2.10
Git 2.25
GnuPG 2.3
Google Earth Pro 7.3
Internet Explorer latest
Java 8
Jupyter Notebook
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016
NetSupport 12 for instructors
Notepad++ 7.8
Pix4D discovery 4.5
Python 2.7 & 3.6
Quantum GIS 3.4 LTS
R 3.6
RStudio 1.2
Stata 15
Stella 1.9
VeraCrypt 1.23H2