GIS analysis

This sections will provide you with some resources to help you when  facing problems during your analysis.

A same GIS analysis can usually be done using different paths. The methods chosen need to be applied with consideration to the data format, the extent, the resolution and the size of your dataset.  When facing a problem, keep these considerations in mind as they may give you clues to the cause of your problem. Please refer to our Project design for more information on how to craft an appropriate methodology for your research project.

McGill university offers a variety of introduction classes specifically for GIS analysis (GEOG 201, NRS 430, etc.). If you need something more specific, the GIC team can meet with you to help you with the design of your project and/or your GIS analysis. Come see us in Burnside 525 or email us at


  • Practical GIS analysis. 2002. David L . Verbyla.
    • This is the only practical guide to solving GIS problems independent of specific GIS software and hardware. If you want to learn how GIS works, and what kinds of problems you can solve with it, this book is for you.  --Editor summary
  • Key concepts and techniques in GIS. 2007. Jochen Albrecht.
    • A concise overview of the fundamental ideas that inform Geographic Information Science. It provides detailed descriptions of the concepts and techniques that anyone using GIS software must fully understand to analyze spatial data. --Editor summary


Throughout the development and unfolding of a GIS project, unforeseeable problems will occur. Thankfully, it is quite unlikely that you will be the first one to encounter your particular problem. There are many resources that can help you through these though times.

*N.B The following resources are blogs, and may contain advertisements. The GIC does not take responsibility for this or any other content of these sites.
  • ArcGIS Support Services Blog
    • ESRI's very own support for all the problems you can encounter with ArcGIS 10.1. Answers are (most of the time) very useful and adequate.
  • GISusers
    • editorial and management is in the capable hands of veteran geospatiale industry analyst and editor, Glenn Letham. Glenn brings to GISuser more than 10 years experience as a respected online editor and writer having founded the first popular GIS/Geo daily electronic newsletter. --Author description.
  • GIS lounge
    • Geared toward introduction material and beginner help. Provides insight on data, cartography and feature some tutorials.