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The GIC is a space for students and professors alike to learn, explore, engage, and seek help in their research or coursework related to GIS and remote sensing. In order for this environment to be a productive one, we ask that any person present in the GIC be respectful of the others and of the mission of the Centre.

The goal of the Geographic Information Centre (GIC) is to actively support the teaching, learning and research activities of McGill University in the areas of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.”

More specifically:

  • Treating all members of the GIC community with respect; this includes students, researchers, staff, and professors alike.
  • Refraining from behaviour that may be interpreted as intimidating, disruptive or offensive to other users.
  • Showing consideration for others studying or doing research by not talking loudly or using cell phones except in designated areas
  • Using the GIC computing resources responsibly to support teaching, learning and research.
  • Using the GIC materials and equipment with care and respect and refraining from marking or damaging any resources.
  • Disposing of personal garbage or recycling in the appropriate containers.
  • Exiting the Centre promptly at closing time and during emergency situations or drills.
  • Avoiding leaving your personal belongings unattended for your own protection. The GIC does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • Observing copyright, intellectual property rights and academic integrity.
  • Occupying only the necessary space for a person. Please avoid leaving your coats and bags on the work tables or in the circulation corridors.

In the quiet area: Do not disturb other users through such activities such as discussions or telephone conversations. Turn your phone to vibrate.

In the Group study area: Quiet conversations are permitted.

Thank you for respecting the code of conduct.

GIC floorplan

* If you need to work with GIS and RS, you have the priority for the computers. Let us know at the front desk if needed.

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