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The GIC offers a variety of services on-site.  Please consult our opening hours as the Centre has two different schedules to accommodate the students and their workload. Here is a list of other services available at the GIC.

  • GIS and RS specialists there to answer your questions.

The GIC relies on GIS and RS specialists’ expertise to provide answers that works for the McGill community. Reach us by phone at 514-398-7438; byemail at; or stop by the office in Burnside 525.

  • Mapping and Plotter Printing Services

 Mapping Services

The GIC offers a variety of custom mapping and GIS services to actively support teaching, learning and research activities. Utilizing the latest GIS software, imagery, and datasets, we can offer a wide range of high quality mapping products (e.g. custom maps, online static and dynamic maps) according to your specifications and requirements. We would be happy to discuss your upcoming projects.

To order Maps and Services
  • Contact the GIC center — call, walk-in, or email.

Each request should include the following:

 A description of the map location you are interested in. To describe your area of interest, you can write:

    • a brief description including specific boundaries
    • a detailed information about map data and layers
    • Map size (in inches), map orientation (e.g. landscape, portrait) and file formats (e.g. pdf, jpg, bmp, tiff, eps) or specific layers for interactive maps
    • Date needed
Geospatial and Cartographic (GIS) Services Please contact the Centre for pricing
Map Reprint Prices:
      C Size Prints – 18″ x 24″ $50.00 Per copy
      D Size Prints – 24″ x 36″ $60.00 Per copy
      E Size Prints – 36″ x 42″ $60.00 Per copy
 Plotter Printing Services

The GIC is equipped with a large format plotter that will print documents up to 36 inches in width.

Poster Size standard and Requirements :
    • Maximum allowed poster size: 42 inches in width. The width and length of each document varies depending on the document’s file type and application


    • We advise you to use a minimum amount of text at your poster. Graphics and photos should be clear and try to avoid using poster background images to get maximum poster quality. Posters with white backgrounds are preferred. Dark colors are acceptable in limited areas (i.e. diagrams or pictures). Posters with dark backgrounds (i.e. black, blue, maroon) will incur charges, as they use too much ink


    • We recommend that your document’s resolution be set between 150 dpi – minimum, 300 dpi – maximum (recommended).


    • You should make sure that you’re submitting your document to us in a file type that we support, which includes: PDF, PPT or other formats. PDF format is recommended.


    • As a service to you, our staff may trim off the white margins of your poster after printing. Please specify if you prefer otherwise.


  • We don’t necessarily deal with last minute request at usually ask for one week in advance, but we will try to have it ready for you.

Payment: When the poster is complete, you must pay for your poster at the GIC. Regular size poster prints are $60 each, you can pay for your poster with by FOAPAL or cheque/money order made out to McGill University.


Posters are generally printed on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please contact the GIC in case of rush orders.

  • Computers equipped with a suite of GIS and RS related software.

The computer of the GIC are available to the McGill community. These computers are equipped with various GIS and RS related software such as ArcGIS  and ENVI.  Priority is given to GIS and RS work for these computers.

  • Room 511

The GIC also hosts an active learning classroom with 38 computer stations available for students. For more information, please check out our Room 511.

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