GIC workshops 2014


The GIC offers short workshops once a semester (in the fall and in the winter). These workshops are geared toward graduates students currently enrolled at McGill. Workshops are divided in two sections; theoretical and practical, of approximately 1.5 hours each. There is a $25 fee that can be paid by FOAPAL or by cheque (made out to McGill University). Payment is required by the Friday preceding the workshop.

Please choose the workshop and time and date  that you would like to attend by registration.

Introduction to GIS   

When: (Jan 24, 2014, 2pm)
Where: Burnside Hall room 511.
Cost: $25 (by cheque or FOAPAL)
Limit: 25 seats


This introductory workshop in the GIC series will introduce basic concepts in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This 3-hour session is composed of two parts: a theoretical section explaining basic key concepts in GIS and a hands-on practical training to explore the ArcGIS software. The workshop includes a general introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an overview of geospatial data types and formats, an introduction to data analysis methods and cartography. This workshop is the basis and a pre-requisite for students with no previous experience with GIS for subsequent workshops.

Topics: Types of geospatial information, Data format, Structure of ArcGIS, Simple tour of ArcGIS, Effective Mapping.


Introduction to QGIS  


When: Feb14, 2014 2 pm
Where: Burnside Hall room 511
Cost: $25 (by cheque or FOAPAL)
Limit:  25 seats



This three hour QGIS workshop is a quick and comprehensive introduction to Quantum GIS. QGIS is a user friendly open source GIS package that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and supports various vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities provided by core functions and plugins. QGIS is able to perform all GIS functions involving spatial information, including capture, storage, editing, manipulation, management, sharing and visualization. It has a very active and growing community of developers and users. This introductory workshop will cover most essential GIS mapping techniques. No previous knowledge of GIS is required.

Topics: QGIS Walkthrough, Data formats, Plugins, Effective Mapping, Demonstration.