GIS and Remote Sensing related awards

Awards for 2012-2013

 1. GIC ENVI Award 

The winners for this year ENVI award are Francois Poupeau for the undergraduate category and Gerardo Vergara for the graduate category. They will both receive a copy of the ENVI software for their remote sensing analysis. Congratulations !

Remote sensing software (including IDL and FLAASH), two per year – one undergraduate and one graduate student). Students need to send 1/2 to 1 page description of their project and why they need the software to (Subject: RS ENVI Award) by October 31, 2012.  

 2. GIC Publishing Award 

Congratulations to Dante Toria, recepient of the GIC publishing award!

One student in Geography will receive up to $600 that can be used for page charges.  Students can apply at the time they submit their manuscript but the award is contingent upon acceptance of the manuscript (Studies must include a substantial GIS or remote sensing component). To apply for this award, email with the complete title, the list of the authors, the name of the journal you are submitting to (or the letter of acceptance if applicable), and a brief description of the study with emphasis on the GIS and/or remote sensing components. Deadline January 31, 2013.

 3. ESRI Award 

Nominations are due by February 2013. Students who are interested need to contact their supervisors regarding nomination.

  •  The recipients for the last two years of the ESRI Awards:
    •  2012. Natalie Cornish. Semi-automatic Classification of the Tortuguero Conservation Area in Costa Rica using Geographic Information Systems
    •  2011. Sienna Svob. Collection of forest management in ACTO for the creation of a geodatabase to model forest carbon stocks.
    • 2011. Pierre Beaudreau

Others awards


The young people selected to take part in the 2013 Emerging Space Leaders Grant Programme will participate in the 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) scheduled to take place in Beijing, China from 23 to 27 September 2013. The individuals selected will also participate in other activities held the week prior to and during the Congress such as the UN/IAF Workshop or the Space Generation Congress (SGC) and the Cross-Cultural Presentation Workshop.

Deadline: February 1st. More information at

2. Canadian Cartographic Association Student mapping and paper competitions 2013

Any student enrolled in a certificate, undergraduate or graduate program at a Canadian college or university can enter. Winners will receive a cash prize and their maps will be published in Cartouche, CCA’s newsletter, or online on CCA’s website.
Entries must be submitted before the annual meeting in spring of 2013. Submission deadlines will follow.

Deadline : Annual meeting of Spring 2013. More details available here and on the Canadian Cartographic Association website.

3. Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives mapping and paper competitions 2013

The Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) announces its annual student paper contest. Essays may deal with access to and information about geospatial data, cartography, cartographic materials, map information, map data, GIS data and geo-referenced information.

Students from Canada or studying in Canada currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution (college or university) are eligible to apply to enter the
contest. All papers shall be prepared during the current school year.

Deadline: April 15 2013. More details available here.

4. Corlis Benefideo Award for Imaginative Cartography

This award recognizes imaginative cartography. Cartography is often seen by the public as work opposed to imagination, grounded entirely in established fact. While this devotion to reflecting what is forms the heart of cartographic thinking, cartographers and artists who use maps as a basis for their work can (and do) take that grounding in fact and use it to venture into the world of the possible. Some explore real places from perspectives that allow us to see it fresh and full of possibility, and some take our established traditions of mapmaking, and indeed take fully-constructed maps themselves, and turn them on their heads to make us see ourselves anew. This award is to recognize this work and the perspective it brings to the field of cartography, and the contributions it makes to the world as a whole.

The award is for a person or group of people and their overall body of work, not for a particular piece of work.

More details here.