ESRI Canada GIS Scholarship Past Recipients

Year Recipient Advisor Project Title
2016 Claire Bernard-Grand’Maison Professor Wayne Pollard Ice Wedge Volume Estimation in the Eureka Region on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada
2015 Lillian Fradin Professor Sarah Moser New Master-Planned Cities: A World View
2014 Frederic Hoffmann Professor Brian Robinson Characterizing human settlement patterns for the study of environmental change dynamics within Northern China’s Miyun Basin
2013 Jared Simpson Professor Wayne Pollard Mapping volumetric of retrogressive thaw slumps
2012  Natalie Cornish Professor Margaret Kalacska Semi-automatic Classification of the Tortuguero Conservation Area in Costa Rica using Geographic Information Systems
2011 Sienna Svob Dr. Pablo Arroyo Collection of forest management in ACTO for

the creation of a geodatabase to model forest carbon stocks