The GIC team

 Pablo Arroyo – GIC Director

PhDUniversity of Connecticut. USA. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Advisor: Dr. Robin Chazdon. Thesis: “Natural forest management plans in Costa Rica: A potential framework for assessing tree diversity”

M.Sc. University of Alberta Alberta, Canada. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Advisor: Dr. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa. Thesis: “Forest cover assessment, fragmentation analysis and secondary forest detection for the Chorotega region, Costa Rica”

B.Fo. School of Forestry. Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Costa Rica. Advisor: Dr. Julio C. Calvo. Honors Thesis: “Ensayos de Adaptabilidad de especies nativas en la zona sur the Costa Rica”

Area of Knowledge: Tropical forestry, Forest ecology, Diversity assessment, GIS, Remote sensing and Landscape ecology, Project management

Contact him by phone at 514-398-6052 or email him at

 Ablajan Sulaiman – Research Assistant

PhD. Montreal University. Canada. Geography. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Bryant Thesis:” Regional Economic Development, Policy and Regional Disparity in Large Territories:   The Case of Canada and China”.

M.Sc. Xinjiang Normal University. China. Geography.  Thesis:” The Study of Sustainable Development of Bugur County

B.Sc. Xinjiang Normal University. China. Geography. Thesis:” Proper Exploitation and Utilization of Xinjiang Natural Resources

Area of Expertise: Geography, GIS/RS, Web Mapping & Design, Web Development and Database Management, Geo-spatial Data Visualization

Interests: GIS Application, Web GIS, Integrative Research, Comparative Data Analysis.

Contact him by phone at 514-398-7438 or email him at

Ruilan Shi – GIS technician

ruilanwebpicM.U.P. – McGill University -School of Urban Planning. Advisers: Jeanne Mary Wolfe and David Brown. Thesis Title : Spatial Analysis of Urbanization in Greater Montreal.

  • Bachelor of Economics – Renmin University, China

Area of expertise: Provide help on using ArcGIS, troubleshooting ArcGIS versions, ArcGIS licenses, GIS software solutions.

Contact her by phone at 514-398-7438 or email her at